Fun and Developmental Guiding and Coaching

We work with individuals or groups of up to 8, and our rates are the same for both. We have a small number of multi-day tours which can be run 'Guide only' to keep them affordable for you, and much of what we do can be bespoked to fit your exact needs.

Whatever you choose, it will be fun, informative, developmental, and great riding in lovely surroundings.

Courses and trips available:

  • We run coached events for 1-8 people
  • We have family rates for bespoke days
  • Three levels of coached course
  • 4 Tours
  • 1/2 Day focussed coaching sessions available
  • Ability to fully bespoke any course or package
  • Long-term rider development available
  • Navigation and Trailside repair courses also available

Our coached experiences are listed first, then the guided experiences and trips, with rates for both at the bottom of the page - scroll on!

Coaching Opportunities

Ratios up to 1:8 available on Ride It! and Nail It! Courses - 1:4 on Race It!, and normally 1:2 on focussed half days.

Please enquire if you have a different ratio in mind, or a slightly different outcome.

Need Advice on what level to aim at?

Click on the 'Learn More' button on any of the courses below and it will describe the rider, bike, terrain and outcomes for the day to make sure that you book the right level of course for your needs. If you have any remaining questions - just get in touch.

Fundamental skills Development

Max ratio1:8   from £30pp

Ride it!              

This course is suitable for developing riders, wanting to nail those all important basics:

  • Body Position
  • Pumping for more speed and efficiency
  • Efficient Braking
  • Cornering - Flat corners to Berms
  • Manual wheel lifting (front and rear)
  • Basics of route choice
  • Creating flow

TD-Red- PD-2       Beginners and those happy on Blue trails and perhaps some reds

intermediate  rider development

Max ratio 1:8  From £30pp

Nail it!

The follow-up for developing  riders, this builds on the skills from 'Ride It!' and develops:

  • Dropoffs
  • Basic Bunny-hopping intro
  • Getting air
  • Navigating Steeper trail features
  • Line choice
  • Flow

TD-Red PD-3          Riders wanting to ride blues fast and reds fluidly and maybe bits of black

advanced rider development

Max Ratio 1:4   from £60pp

Race it!

This is a guided trail riding experience on and off-piste for those looking to explore the world of Enduro racing and wanting a few pointers before the starting beeps.

Suitable for those who have attended a Nail it course, or are happy with the skills from the course. There will be steep trail with potential rock obstacles.

TD-Red-Black PD-4- EX-G-         Riders wanting fast flow on red and black and 'Enduro' trails

Half or Full-Day Focussed Coaching sessions:

Welcome to Gnarnia

For intermediate ridersJust focussing on off-piste skills tackling steeper terrain, mud, roots, trees aiming to create flow and control to allow riders to go explore.

TD-Red/Black PD-3+ EX-G-

Flight School

For intermediate riders wishing to Focus on getting more control in the air, boosting their jumping and controlling their landings.

TD-Red PD-3

Focussing on You - Bespoke Coaching

In support of your development whatever your goals we're available to run focussed sessions based specifically on your needs. This is a fully bespoked service - you may want one session on a specific skill, or a series of coaching sessions to develop over time and reach a goal.

As this is designed specifically to your needs it's best to get in touch so we can discuss your needs specifically. You can base costs on the rates here, but if there is to be a series of sessions, we'll try to make your experience more affordable.

Instructed Training Sessions (Day, half day or evening)


Learn more about the use of map and compass as a route finding tool, an emergencyaid, or an alternative to GPS when the batteries go.

trailside repair

Gain confidence with some of the basic repairs that can turn a show stopper into an opportunity for a quick breather before carrying on.

Guided Experiences and Trips

Based on getting the very best out of the Scottish mountains for you, we have the following guided experiences:

Guided Day

Pick your location, route or mountain, and we'll help you get the most from your day and your experience, with a pro-guide you can just enjoy the ride!

Ever fancied Bagging a Munro by bike? - Give us a call!

Guided Tours

Choose from the following 4 tours, or get in touch to arrange your own, this service is designed to be as flexible as possible

  • Skye and Torridon (3-5 days)
  • West Highland Way - (3 or 4 days)
  • Lakeland Classics (3 days)
  • Highland Tour (3-5 days)

As a guide, a 'Guide only' package run at a time to suit you, for 6 people over 5 days of riding would cost £225 each

Prices are based on the daily rates, with an additional cost to cover administration and travel costs - drop us a line and we'll happily give you a quote

Our Basic Rates

Day Rates:

  • 1:1  - £130
  • 1:2 - £180      (£90 each)
  • 3-8 People: £260 at booking, which equates to:
    • £87 each for 3 people
    • £65 each for 4 people
    • £52 each for 5 people
    • £44 each for 6 people

Half Day Rates:  (Gnarnia / Flight School / Bespoke) - 4 hrs

  • 1:1 - £75
  • 1:2 - £55 each
  • Other Ratios: Please enquire

Family day rate (assuming up to 2 adults and 1-4 children) is £180

The not small print:

  • Quotes for trips or multi-day events will be based on day rate plus administration travel and living expenses if incurred.
  • Any location outwith 2 hours travel from Stirling may incur a travel cost supplement (please enquire) - Usually £10
  • Bike hire can be arranged at cost price (please enquire)
  • If you need transport, please enquire - coaches and guides are able to pickup from some destinations
  • If you want to link several days together, there is a supplement for guide accommodation and for the additional admin, but this will be made clear right at the start

Gift It!

We're happy to offer a small range of gift vouchers for you to give one of our experiences to a friend or family member:

  • £10
  • £20
  • £50
  • Day's Coaching or Guiding 1:1 and 1:2

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