A session focussing on the basic skills of map reading and compass work, which are essential to back up the use of GPS and phone apps when we need to be a bit canny about where we go, need to understand the terrain (up in the hills, and exploring), need to give a grid reference in emergency, or simply run out of batteries.

Up to 12 Places £30 each for the day – Minimum 4 people

Basics – to ensure everyone has a good basic grounding in the use of the basic equipment This section will be run statically, andwhere possible indoors:

Intro to OS Maps ensuring we are all on the same page with respect to:

  • Grid Lines
  • Common Symbols
  • Contours

Intro to compasses again ensuring we’re all in the same place:

  • Angle measurement
  • Measuring
  • Pointing North (and south)

Taking and giving a grid reference

Using Contours – big Geography

Ride profiles and understanding steepness

 Practical Session:

  • Orientation
  • Taking Map to Ground
  • Identifying features from the map and Targets
  • Working with non-visible targets
  • Monitoring your progress using a compass
  • Following linear features
  • Attack points
  • Aiming off
  • Measuring progress with contours
  • Relocation

 Using the planning process:

  • WHERE am I?
  • WHERE do I want to go next?
  • HOW will I get there?
  • WHAT is the story of my journey?
  • WHAT if I miss my target?


  • Slope profile
  • Back Bearings
  • Low-Vis and following bearings
  • Timing and Pacing

The session will be run outside, and will be delivered by a jointly qualified Mountaineering Instructor and Level 3 mountainbike leader. Participants should come ready to ride with extra layers for the static sections and ready for the likely weather. Maps will be supplied, and some compasses will be available, but group members are asked to bring their own if they have them

The riding will be done on tracks and trails and some off-piste, but if uncomfortable with the terrain (Blue standard on the whole) riders will be welcome to walk sections that concern them - the day is about navigation for biking, not the riding itself.

Venue will be as advertised.

If you have any questions please just get in touch.