What is REAL WORLD Riding?

Real World Riding is about celebrating the riding we do everyday, despite managing the work-life balance (or should it be work-life-bike balance?). All the links, articles and advice here are for folks who really enjoy biking, would really like to do more given the chance, and who, like everyone else are continually seeking to develop their skills a little bit at a time.

The site aims to give somewhere to go; a source of inspiration, ideas, and information, and a gathering place for those of us who will never stand on a podium (and don't want to), who don't frequent wild exotic places, and who don't spend more time in the air than on the ground. In short RWR is about 'normal' riders. Those of us who secretly get excited when we see a little ribbon of trail in a wood while out with the family, who appreciate the finer elements of exploring the country we have, and mysteriously limp into work occasionally with a far-away look in our eyes and a new scar on our shin.

The core part of Real World Riding is the 'blog' - a series of articles on mountain biking, or check out the gallery for inspiration, or watch the videos of our rides for ideas or inspiration.

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