One of the positive principles behind Mindset Theory, used by Real World Riding

Yet is an amazing word if you stick it on the end of a negative sentence. It can transfigure your opportunities, and your possibilities, as well as your ability to develop.

A sentence for instance "I can't ride on snow." Limits you to never ride on snow, check out the full stop at the end, there's no going back from there....

Never Gonna happen..... or just part of the learning process?


Throw "Yet" in there and it becomes "I can't ride on snow yet" and suddenly the gates of learning are thrown open. I can learn to ride on snow! and importantly, the times I try and fail can be seen as part of learning, not proof of my inability.

I also have suddenly developed control. With no YET I have no control, I simply can't do it. With YET, I can choose whether to do it or not. It might not be happening right now, but with perseverance I will be able to develop the ability to do it.


"I can't ride well on snow yet, but I'm really enjoying learning how to do it, and although I fall off, I get better each time"

- you can substitute anything here by the way, just try adding YET and see what happens. ..

(On a personal note: I can't run a marathon YET, I could do if I wanted do.  I just choose not to )

If you're curious about mindset theory, you can get a quick head-start by watching Professor Carol Dweck of Stamford University explain the principles of mindset on Youtube or by watching this quick animation covering the basic theory, and read the RWR article on the basics of mindset when it is published (follow us on Facebook to be told when it comes out).