Real World Riding vs Covid-19


Following guidance from Scottish Cycling some 1:1 coaching has been allowed, and from last Friday 1:6 coaching outdoors.

However, we had taken the position under the changeable and uncertain conditions we are in with respect to new strains of the virus, that we would not engage in coaching or guiding until there is more certainty for us, and for you. 

We're now very pleased that we have decided to start taking bookings now for dates from 10th April Locally (current circumstances) and provisionally from 1st May 2021 for locations further afield (current suggestion is that we will be able to travel again within Scotland from 28th April, but is not guaranteed of course). Currently we can travel for work, but clients cannot.

Those with provisional bookings as promised were contacted and given first choice of dates, and as for 2020 - voucher holders will be given an additional year to use their voucher. As promised, the business model used by RWR enabled us to still be here when we're 'let out' again. The upshot of this however is that initially at least we're limited in dates available, but still pretty flexible.

We're still part of the network of businesses signed up for the 'Good To Go' Covid Safety initiative, and clients will remain working under our covid safety policy.

We're aware that this unstable time causes a lot of stresses for many, and so we have taken the policy of taking payment on the day for many events. Those with a considerable amount of commitment from us, or deposits for other services (such as bike hire or accomodation booking) may require a deposit from you beforehand, but in most cases payment will not be required until either shortly before an activity, or on the day. We've been taking payment by PayPal invoice, and will continue to do so to create ease of payent for clients.

We're still having lots of conversations with folks getting ready for their 'release', if anything this past quiet time has given even more time for plotting and gazing at maps and google maps - there is so much to do and so many adventures out there!

There is much more information in the Covid 19 policy - please click the button below if you are interested in getting involved.

Of course there will continue to be content on our social media platforms and anyone is encouraged to get involved that way, and of course we love to hear from folks if there's anything we can do to help.

Stay safe everyone, look after yourselves, and be well. See you soon!      Steve