Paperwork Download Page

If you're taking part in a Real World Riding Event you will be asked to read and/or complete the following paperwork. If you do it before the event, you will be better prepared, so please take a look:

For All Events and Courses:

RWR Covid 19 Policy

PLEASE READ - there are variations to:

  • Standard Terms and conditions
  • Booking and payment terms and conditions
  • GDPR Policy

and advice on preparing for your event which is important

Virus Control Policy July 7 2020.pdf Virus Control Policy July 7 2020.pdf
Size : 2043.912 Kb
Type : pdf
Covid Safety Infographic.pdf Covid Safety Infographic.pdf
Size : 245.956 Kb
Type : pdf

Check out the Covid Protection Infographic for ways to reduce chances of infection while riding

RWR Terms and Conditions

You Should Read This Document

RWR T's & C's August 2016.pdf RWR T's & C's August 2016.pdf
Size : 159.507 Kb
Type : pdf

RWR Statement of Risk

You Must Read this Document

8-16 RWR Pro Statement of Risk 8-16.pdf 8-16 RWR Pro Statement of Risk 8-16.pdf
Size : 136.174 Kb
Type : pdf

RWR Client Prep Form

For any experience it is definitely worth looking at this as it will inform you and your guide or coach about what you want to gain from the experience

8-16 Client Prep form 8-16.pdf 8-16 Client Prep form 8-16.pdf
Size : 127.616 Kb
Type : pdf

Real World Riding Emergency & Medical Declaration Form

Please note that we require full disclosure of medical information as detailed in the terms and conditions – this is for your safety.

When you press the SUBMIT button at the end of the form, it will automatically be sent straight to RWR by email

Your Gender

Please give details of any of the following if you answer yes to the questions below and overleaf, including dates and or medication if necessary. Please note that these questions are to make sure we won't injure you or put you at unecessary risk. If you answer Yes to any of these questions it doesn't mean we won't take you, just that we can bear this in mind.

Please tick any that apply and then enter details at the end of any you have ticked:

This box will need to be ticked even if you are an adult

MARKETING and contact

PLEASE NOTE information held on this form will be treated in strictest confidence and will be disclosed only to medical practitioners should you require urgent medical treatment.

RWR Medical Declaration Form (paper Version)

This is identical to the above form if you'd rather fill in a paper version

RWR Medical and Emergency Declaration 18.pdf RWR Medical and Emergency Declaration 18.pdf
Size : 198.209 Kb
Type : pdf